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A strong skilled, creative, reliable, and friendly motocross photography & design company run by myself, Sean Kelley, and long time friend Shawn Goar. We both enjoy all aspects of motocross and go to as many of the local tracks, Supercross & Motocross events that we can afford to see.

Shawn has the skills and eye to find the perfect shot as you can see by checking out our GALLERY SECTION. If you're looking to add something more to the photo we're both highly skilled with photo editing. I also work with Illustrator for vector images (logos and graphics), web site design, and video editing. Together we've done photography, video, ads, brochures, posters, websites, and rider sponsor packs.

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Some words from Shawn

"My name is Shawn Goar and I love to capture the action sports industry (mostly Motocross and Supercross) with my photography. I’ve grown up with the sport and I have been lucky enough to get involved in something that I'm passionate about, something that drives me. I'm not the best rider out there but I can capture any given moment on the track. I have been lucky enough to capture some of the best riders in the world battling it out on the dirt and some images of amateurs just out having a good time. It all brings me great joy. I also take pictures of nature, landscape, cars, bikes, people, you name it but my passion will always be in sports."